Moving to Abu Dhabi

It’s been over one whole year since I moved to Abu Dhabi…What an adventure.

February of 2015, my step dad moved to Abu Dhabi. As soon as he told me he was leaving, I was already on the plane visiting him once I could get the time of work. Me and my step dad have been best friends since I was a kid which meant if he left, so did I! Abu Dhabi was like a whole new world, the tall buildings, the scorching hot sun and the Emirati culture. It was breath taking and the connection was instant. After my first visit I was already planning my second trip for a job interview, I couldn’t contain my excitement. By July 2015 I waiting to find out if I had got the job and let me tell you it was very long, but worth it!

Once id received my offer, the process was slow and I soon learned that in the UAE, nothing is rushed. After months of waiting, I got the call to hand my notice in and book a flight. WOW….its happening!

At the time I was in a relationship and this made me leaving very surreal, it helped that my boyfriend at the time supported me in every way possible.

The whole plane journey I felt I was in a dream, I’m 19 moving to Abu Dhabi? It was bittersweet, to leave my family, the man I loved and all my beautiful friends. The hardest, but the greatest thing I’ve ever done.

Due to visa problems I was soon back on a plane to London Heathrow for two weeks until it was fully processed. Of course there was more delays! I officially started working in September 2015, and I LOVED IT.

The job I was about to start was one I had little experience in but willing to give it my all. Still to this day I’m giving it my all! Slowly everything fell into place. On this present day I’m obsessed with my job, the people I work with have taught me so much. I’ve had my fair share of hard times whilst out here in Abu Dhabi, nights I miss my family, my friends and the life I was used to, but after 30 minutes IM OVER IT haha! I hope some of this clears up the doubt that I have a 75 year old sugar daddy looking after me, buying me Louboutins and Chanel. NOPE, haha. Just working my butt off!

For anyone who is thinking of travelling or moving to a new country… DO IT!

Ill also be blogging about all the things I love here in Abu Dhabi/Dubai, from restaurants to spas.

If you have any ideas of things you would like me to blog about, leave a comment below 🙂

Chlo x