Do I need a degree? My thoughts.

Hello! Team members, it’s me and I’m back. It’s been a while right. I know! I have no explanation, I’ve just been living, loving, and working.

On this morning’s drive to work I found myself thinking about a subject I had questioned a lot over the last 3-4 months. Here goes.
Let’s start with my story. At 16 years old I left school with 9 GCSE’s. I went on to study Health and Social Care at College but lasted only two months. I remember calling my Mum to tell her I wanted to leave, the disappointment in her voice is still stuck in my memory. She never pressured me to study but I could tell she was worried about my future, I can totally understand that now looking back.
Then I went on to working in Co-op, a private school and finally for my Mum… This was a bad idea. My mum is an incredibly hard-working woman that doesn’t take any shit. I was a big shit. Just imagine the clashing that went on. I was young and thought I knew everything. Looking back now I feel terrible for how unhelpful I was. She is so well respected because of how fantastic her work ethic is. I was awful. She knows how sorry I am for that.
Moving on to today, I am living in Abu Dhabi working in management at 22 years old, I didn’t do so bad right? A combination of luck, taking a chance and of course some hard work. When I moved here I felt this rush of motivation and drive for success. I wanted to make big money. Growing up I saw how my Mum had her shit together and didn’t need any man to look after her… She is my inspiration.
A few months ago a very successful woman asked me about my qualifications…Do I have a degree? A levels? I found myself speechless. I had no degree, no A levels and I felt my face turn red. She was a stunning, super successful 30-year-old woman with a master’s degree. Let me be honest, In that moment, my years of hard work didn’t matter, I just felt like a under qualified kid. She was very kind and didn’t put me down, although I definitely put myself down. She went on to say that I’m young and I still have time to complete a degree. But the question is, do I want one? Or do I need one?
My answer to this question is a little complicated so bear with me. Yes and No.
My sister is a teacher, a bloody fantastic one. She worked day and night to get through her A levels and degree. In fact, she worked so hard that it would almost put anyone off studying. She was stressed, and I am so proud of her, she’s got this drive that’ll get her through anything.
In my sister’s case and for a career in teaching my answer would be yes, there are certain jobs that will require you to have a degree. I take my hat off to anyone that goes to university, it’s tough! My good friend Mary went to Nottingham Trent and I visited her many many times. I saw the wild, partying side, but there is a stressful, demanding side too. It’s not a walk in the park. If you have a degree, you go girl! I wish I could have that same drive when it comes to studying.
I asked one of my co-workers if he thought a degree would help me in my career. He said, ‘It would add to your CV, and wouldn’t harm you, but I don’t think you’ll need it’ The tricky part is, he doesn’t think I’ll need it, but what if I do? It would break my heart to miss out on a job because I didn’t have a degree. That’s the part of it that makes me consider studying again. Then the other half of me kicks back and says, ‘I don’t have a degree but let me show you what I do have!’ I tell myself in that situation I would smash the interview and show them how bloody brilliant I am hahaha. You’ve got to be confident right?
I ask myself if I had to interview two people, one who had a degree and experience vs one who had experience but no degree. The individual with the degree wins right? Again, my argument would be…Ill WOW them, I’ll tell them about all the things I DO HAVE, they will forget about my missing degree hahaha.
I am at an age where I have the freedom to completely change my career path. I can take time to do a degree, and a masters, but I simply don’t want to. I am capable, I could do it, but I’d be miserable. I’m a hands on, money motivated chick that doesn’t want to take time out to study. That’s my answer. Some days I wish I would be interested in studying but then I come to the conclusion that it’s just not me. I start to remember the many successful and very intelligent people I know, my Cousins Husband Ben who is mega smart and smashing his own business with no degree. Also, my Step dad who’s a Director with no degree! I met someone in 2017 who is 53 years old and has just began a degree, I loved his ‘It’s never too late’ view on life. In ten years’ time I could have a different outlook and decide I’m ready, if I do fantastic! But if I don’t, I won’t beat myself down.
I want to wrap this up by saying, in some jobs a degree will be necessary and if you’re reading this thinking I’m discrediting your 4+ years of studying that’s absolutely not what I’m saying. I just want to put out into the universe that you don’t need to feel like a failure if you don’t have a degree, or A levels for that matter. University isn’t for everyone. Hard work, determination, self-motivation will get you where you want to be. Don’t forget patience too.

Chlo x


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