Let’s get right into this with a Juicy Couture tracksuit. Yes hun you heard it right. Firstly lets discuss this shade of blue…isn’t it wonderful? I’m sure you can just imagine how obsessed I am…To the point that I didn’t even want to wash it myself I got it dry cleaned LOL. These tracksuits are super expensive and I wasn’t willing to spend two hundred pounds on a tracksuit so I visited the outlet mall in Dubai and discovered this diamond… Kate will tell you, I was posing in the mirror so much that even the sales assistant was laughing because babes I was feeeeeeeeling myself LOL. It was around seventy pounds in the outlet mall and that’s a huge saving so I couldn’t say no. Very comfortable and just absolutely gorgeous….Get involved guys.

Next up is a new book I have just finished reading. If you watched my recent video you will have seen me talking about Louise Pentlands new book called ‘Wilde Like Me.’ What a fantastic read….From start to finish I could not put it down. My two words to describe this book would be relatable and hilarious. If you enjoy watching Louise’s ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ channel as much as me then you’re going to flipping love this.

This is going to sound slightly strange but I just have to talk about it. I have discovered a tastier version of ‘Berocca’ and it’s also cheaper….RESULT! Whilst I was back home shopping with my Mum I popped into Savers to see if they had any good offers on multivitamins and I found THE ONE. Firstly its Blackcurrant flavor which is my fav, and on top of that it tastes like Blackcurrant squash with lemonade. Honestly it’s fabulous and from what I remember it was a few quid for two packs of twenty tablets. LOVING LIFE. Is it just me or does having multivitamins make you feel like you have your shit together? I’m sipping on it like ‘Yeeeeees hun I can handle anything’ LOL….Just me?

If you’re like me and really enjoy winding down before you get into bed then I think you’ll love this. Lavender pillow spray. Once I’ve jumped into some fresh pajamas and sprayed some lavender onto my pillow I know it’s time to watch some daily vlogs and relax. It’s around five pounds and worth every penny. I’m pretty sure my Mum always had this in her bedroom so thanks Mum…I sleep like a baby most nights! Game changer.

On Friday I went to Yas mall with my Step Dad and I was planning on just getting a coffee but the coffee put me in the mood to buy some new shoes and I found myself in Steve Madden…My eyes locked on these little beauties in the sale. Down from eighty pounds to around fifty pounds, this got me even more excited. Nothing classier then white jeans and red heels…So gorg! They also have a thicker heel so they aren’t so difficult to walk in. I’m not the best at walking in heels so these were made for me. Steve Madden have some fabulous shoes in the sale at the minute so go over and check them out.

When I was back home I stayed round my Cousins house and we watched Glastonbury on T.V. I do love my luxuries but I definitely think I could put them aside for a few days of absolute LOLS. It looks like so much fun and I will hopefully be attending the next one! I saw Sigrid’s performance and thought she was brilliant, so much so I went onto my Deezer app and played the song ‘Don’t kill my vibe’ probably around 50 times. It’s such a feel good ‘f*** you’ kind of song I am obsessed.

Money savers, you need to know about this new site my Cousins Fiancé Ben told me about. ‘Top Cashback.’ It’s a game changer and when you’re spending large amounts of money online this could save you A LOT of $$. Especially for things like insurance and phone contracts. I brought some items from River island last week and made around 69p back….This doesn’t sound like a lot but if you’re using it every time you make an online purchase this will end up saving you a few bob! Every penny counts and each website offers different percentages. River islands was very low whereas Boohoo Man are offering 22% cash back!! How amazing is that, thanks Ben for the great money saving tips.

Have the most fabulous week huns!

Chlo x


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