Just another weekend full of laughs, blow dries, singing in the car, and a whole lotta love!! Not to mention I bought my first house…Woohoo!! This was something I wanted to do for a while so I am so happy I finally got round to it. I’m a flipping home owner baby!!! LOL.

As soon as my boss informed me that we all had one week off for the Eid celebration I was absolutely over the moon to get back to the UK. The weather over here right now sucks! It’s far too hot (48 degrees) and since its Ramadan you’re not allowed to eat or drink in public areas so most restaurants are shut until 7pm although some malls have a closed off area for people who aren’t fasting. The crazy heat made my decision to fly home super easy!

Flying on my own is definitely not my favorite but the fact that I was given extra legroom for free was a huge plus. The weather was beautiful for the first two days but after that it was pretty s*** as you’ll see in my video! Weather aside it was bloody brilliant. My next task is to book my New York vacation for November this year, I definitely need to get saving as I really want to enjoy myself there. Sipping on a cappuccino with my hun Kate in Central Park is a dream for me. So hunny lets make that dream come true!

Enjoy the video loves.

Chlo x


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