Last night just as I was falling asleep I had this moment of panic where I questioned if I had thought about him (My Dad) enough this week. I was mad at myself for not thinking about him enough. Sounds crazy right? It might be almost 6 years but I never want to go a day in my life without thinking about him, picturing his smile, and laugh. Then I thought to myself ‘Chlo, stop being so hard on yourself, you’re doing great.’ I realized that maybe I hadn’t pictured his smile but he’s always on my mind. We can be so tough on ourselves for not being perfect, for letting silly things bother us and completely take over our thoughts. The truth is, life is so god damn beautiful.

The beauty of life is that when you are feeling low or going through a hard situation, you’ll always see the light, you’ll get that overwhelming feeling of complete and utter happiness again. In fact you’ll feel it over and over again, regardless of how painful the situation is.

The start of this week sucked, I felt so down….I wanted to sleep for at least 3 days LOL. Then when I was driving my car listening to ‘Maroon 5’ I thought to myself of every single thing I’m grateful for. My family and friends, my career, my health….The list went on and on. Until I laughed thinking about how crazy we all are and decided from that second onwards I would smile and laugh for the rest of the week. The start may have felt like the shittest week this year but if I ended it on a high, then who really won? I won that battle, I was stronger, I got through it. We all experience this and what I want you to know is that no matter what you go through, whether its heartache or the loss of a family member….YOU GOT THIS, I GOT THIS, WE GOT THIS. Each day you’re going to feel more strength, more courage.

Babes, at the end of the day the sun will shine again, and if we lift each other up we can handle anything.

Peace and love Huns, have the happiest week ever!

Chlo x


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