To be completely honest when I first moved out to the UAE I imagined I would last a year max but I really had no confidence in myself. Now I’m almost at two years and I’m still living my dream, working in a job I love, I have made some great friends which although took me a long time, was well worth the wait. I’m in no rush to head back home the UK for now, although if this ever becomes something I don’t want and I’m no longer happy, I would consider going home. I’m super content out here at the moment and loving every second.

I’ve learnt patience is my down fall but each day I try to work on this. I’ve pushed myself more than I ever expected, with my work and personal life. Although life has changed in the most positive possible way, I for sure have had days that I don’t feel the glamorous ‘Dubai’ lifestyle. Its incredible don’t get me wrong, and I will be the first to admit that I love showing off the glam, but I am hesitant to show off the tough times. I am so bloody lucky to be living my dream that I feel almost unappreciative to talk about the bulls***.

My advice to anyone looking to move out of the UK is GO FOR IT! Whether you last six months or five years…You’re going to learn things you would never have even imagined before. The people I’ve met and the stories I’ve heard have changed my life, and I am so grateful for that.

I’ll be honest and say before I moved here I had no idea what I wanted out of life. I was nineteen years old and had all this ambition but nowhere to put it. I was waiting around for my big break but I soon realized I had to put the work in….So I did exactly that. I took an opportunity that was pretty terrifying/exciting/overwhelming. Put the work in, listened, understood, asked questions and I’m only just getting started!!

Two years feels like two months LOL!

I found an old Instagram DM that I had sent to a girl living out in Dubai working for Emirates Airline. I had asked her how to apply and any advice as I’ve dreamt of moving out of the UK. I was too young to apply at the time but I was certain after that conversation that when I reached twenty one I would apply. Now I’m twenty one and speechless LOL. If I can do it then let me tell you ANYONE CAN. I remember looking at these girls Instagram’s and thinking ‘God I hope my life will be that perfect.’ Let me just get super real with you. I live that lifestyle and I certainly DO NOT have my shit together! LOL we love to put the glitz and glam out there, working out, smoothed out spots. Hun, it’s alright to have no bloody idea what you’re doing, fake it until you make it :).

If you have any questions about moving to the UAE, feel free to DM me on Instagram – chloerobynwilson.

Chlo x


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