Behind Closed Doors – I recently found out about this book from one of my favorite blogs ‘Whilst I’m young’…It was absolutely brilliant! Completely addictive and brilliantly written. When my Mum visited the UAE I passed this onto her and I’m hoping she loves it just as much as me. The twist and turns have you completely attached to the book LOL utterly brilliant, highly recommend!

Dior Air Flash Foundation – I had heard so many good reviews on this foundation but it is pretty pricey and usually I like to stick with what I know works. Whilst in Sephora I just couldn’t resist purchasing and fell in love. This is my go-to foundation for nights out. Its thick and high coverage so I wouldn’t recommend for everyday but on a night out its perfect! I love how glowy and gorgeous it looks in pictures! (I choose shade 300 as I’m much more tanned on a night out LOL)

Green tea – Ok…..Yes this is odd but it’s a fantastic detox! I swear by green tea. Even my Step-Dads personal trainer said it’s a must. I’m not sure about the flat tummy teas out there…I personally think a good old green tea will do the trick. The first time I tried it I hated it but keep going and you’ll learn to love it LOL.

Line of Duty – Totally obsessed. Started watching this a week or so ago and I’m hooked! If you love crime shows this one’s for you. I’m already on season 2 and it just gets better. Let know what you think.

Rihanna ‘Nude’ Perfume – I used this fragrance for years when I was living back home and recently ordered it off Souq.com. I’ve had so many compliments since I’ve started using it again. It’s a fresh and sexy scent that’s not too overpowering! Also its ridiculously cheap for the amount of perfume you get…Bargain!

Sally Hanson Airbrush Legs tanning spray – Personally I use this all over my body not just my legs and I absolutely love it! Perfect for them nights when you’re feeling a little pale and want that golden glow. It gives you a airbrushed finish and is super affordable.

MAC Liquid Eyeliner – I purchased this a few months back but never really needed to use it as I hardly do a winged liner but last week we CONNECTED! I’m rubbish at doing a wing, I have super shaky hands but this product was perfect and very easy to use! It lasted the whole night and is my new favorite liner!

Nashmi.ae –If you’re based in the UAE you need to check this site out! I only recently discovered this when my friend Abby mentioned she had brought some Missguided dresses from here. I immediately got online and ordered two off the shoulder dresses. The delivery was super quick and the items were perfect! There are so many lovely brands on the site, can’t wait to order again.

‘Sprinkle of Chatter’ weekly vlogs – I have been watching vlogs for years now and one of my top favs is Louise Pentland. I think her honesty and overall personality is absolutely fabulous – she is hilarious! After a long day at work on a Monday I always have a relaxing bath whilst watching the weekly vlog. This chills me out completely preparing me for the week ahead! LOVE IT. Louise’s new book ‘Wilde like me’ is out soon and I am counting down the days….Cannot wait.

‘Mary Jo K’ lip liner from Kyle Cosmetics mixed with ‘Labello Cherry shine’ lip balm – My go-to everyday lip is 9 times out of 10 these two mixed! The lip balm is from Waitrose (a few quid) and the lip liner is from Kylie Cosmetics but in all honesty any red/dark pink lip liner will do the trick. I apply just a tiny amount of lip liner to the cupids bow and the bottom of my lips and then I use the lip balm to spread some of the color onto the center. This combo keeps my lips super hydrated!

Triangl – This website will have you spending a lot of money LOL. There are so many incredible styles and colors that it was so hard for me to just purchase one but I wanted to be sure I would get the correct size and luckily it was spot on! I choose size small top and small bottom, I’m normally a size 32B and 8 on the bottom…Hope that helps you decide your size. This style caught my eye since I only have speed bump boobs LOL. The fit was so perfect! I will definitely be purchasing some more bikini’s from this site, the quality is fantastic!

Chlo x


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