A weekend full of laughter.


I don’t think there’s any better feeling then laughing with genuine, amazing people? I love surrounding myself with open minded people and I did exactly that this weekend.

On Thursday I took a half day off work (RESULT lol). Around 3pm I arrived in Dubai at the Fairmont on Sheikh Zayed Road and it was beautiful…The reception was completely white and super clean. My room was a great size and the bed was absolutely perfect! Although the TV channels were pretty rubbish, I didn’t mind as I was hardly inside the room anyway. It was around 900 dirhams for two nights also which is quite a good deal since Dubai is very expensive.

Thursday night I went to the Dubai Opera to see Mary Poppins and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had no expectations but it was magical. We were sat in the royal box and had a brilliant view off the stage; I’m so glad my friend Abby asked me to come as I was reminded of how much I loved the theatre when I was younger.

Since I had planned to turn up at the club the following night I didn’t want to stay up too late. I woke up the next morning feeling fresh as a daisy…Love that!

Throughout the day time on Friday I looked in the mirror at my hair and thought ‘Girl you need a blow dry’ LOL. Blow dries aren’t something I do often but I thought why not treat myself. I went to ‘Sister Lounge’ in the Mall of Emirates and they did a fantastic job… I loved the way she did the curls! The rest of the day I spent running around Dubai mall spending money on things I don’t need, good times LOL.

Friday night, LETS TURN UP! Going back almost 4 years I did a 5 day intense driving course and instantly clicked with my friend Kate. We always kept in touch over the years on social media and she had messaged me saying she was moving to Dubai. We met up on the Friday night and got our party pants on. We danced all night until my feet felt like they were going to fall off LOL. We saw Fetty Wap which was incredible, what an amazing performer! He was thanking everyone for coming and the whole club was packed. It was my first time at a new club called ‘Base’ and although I had a fantastic time, it is situated outside and my hair was a total mess after 30 minutes! I’m so glad I have another hun over here 🙂 Kate is brill.

If you haven’t got Group on, do me a favor and download it today…You need to check it out because its saved me so much money! My friend Lizzi and I booked a spa day at the Sofitel on the palm from Group on and saved a ton of money. It’s a great site! The 60 minute massage was super relaxing and the spa included all the facilities you’d need for a super ‘zen’ day. I will definitely be visiting again soon.
Now I’m going to have a break from partying until I return from the UK next month…. Next stop ENGLAND.

Chlo x


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