My sister came to visit for 5 days and we had sooooo much fun! We visited some new beaches I’ve never been to before and ate some wonderful food. I want to share with you all the pictures since I took so many LOL. I just wanted to capture every moment, me and my sister in Dubai together? That’s a dream come true!!

On the first night we went to a bar called ‘Trader Vics’. Derek loves this bar/restaurant as there’s a cocktail that will blow your mind…I mean you will be drunk as a skunk in minutes LOL! We all got super-duper drunk and I was even telling people my name was Angelina LOL I can’t help but still laugh. It’s located next to the Beach Rotana and its so much fun, great music and also lovely food.

I asked Jess what her highlight of the trip was and she said the afternoon tea at the Etihad Towers. Our lovely cousin and her Fiancé brought it for our birthday and it was delightful! I could not critic a single thing – from the service to the hot chocolate….It was heaven!

Jamie’s Italian ticked of the bucket list – OMG It was fantastic, the service was phenomenal and the food was divine. I would love to go back! We sat outside and it was beautiful – super romantic if you’re visiting with your partner. The truffle oil French fries were addictive…I just couldn’t stop 🙁 LOL.

We stayed at the Creek Agency Heights hotel in Bur Dubai and it was simply perfect! The room was very Spacious and the pool bar was fantastic – Jess was living for the sun beds that were inside the pool, I’m more of a sit in the shade and a book kind of girl LOL.

I loved every second and I can’t wait for her and her lovely boyfriend to come back later this year, enjoy the pics loves!

Chlo x


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