Hey loves!

Can I start by saying these next three months are going to be so much fun. This week my sister/best friend/favorite person in the world is coming to Abu Dhabi. It’s been four flipping months and I am so ready to squeeze her little head LOL. I have so much planned for us to do together to ensure she has the time of her life :). After that we’ve got the Seychelles with my Mum and Derek (my Step-Dad)…Relaxation and cocktails is what I’m dying for right now. I’ve brought a couple new books so once I’ve finished them I’ll give you my full review…I’ve heard they are fantastic! My lovely cousin Jo and her Fiancé are visiting us at the end of May for a week which is always full of laughs and I’ll be flying back to the UK with them which means no lonely 8 hour flight….LOVE THAT! Nothing beats a family visit folks.

Next month we are moving apartment, we decided to down size since it’s only two of us and our apartment is for four. The next location is much better for Derek’s drive to Dubai also and to add to that it’s located in my favorite area of Abu Dhabi so it can’t get much better! Since Derek and my wonderful Mum are getting married in June we are hoping to sort the moving out prior to him leaving, but I am truly ecstatic for the wedding….My Mum looks like a princess in her dress I think I am going to be sobbing whilst walking down the aisle with my lovely cousin. Sorry in advance Jon! LOL. After the wedding it will be time to book another vacation….I’m thinking Singapore? 😉


Top – Bershka

Skirt – H&M (its completely out of my comfort zone and I am totally loving it LOL)

I cannot contain my excitement! Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel in the link below to experience all of this with me.

Chlo x



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