So, you know the time I was mad at my Mum for switching off all the plugs/internet at night time? Well, I can officially announce I am my Mother.

Let’s start with the back story.

I have lived with my Step Dad for 3 years this September. He has been in a long-distance marriage with my Mum during this time and they are the dream team. No lie, they are the best. This year it came to a time that Derek (Step Dad) was ready to move back to England and as much as I loved having a him as my roomie, I knew it was the right decision. 3 years is a bloody long time to be away from your Wife.

This means that at 22 I’m spreading my lil wings and living alone. My initial reaction was ‘Ok wow I got this….Wait have I got this? YES Chloe you’ve got this hahaha’.

Throughout my time living out here I have become super independent and I love my own company, anyone who knows me will tell you that haha. I’m quite happy reading, listening to an audiobook, eating breakfast in coffee shops whilst going through emails by myself, I love it, it gives me peace of mind.

I have recently fallen in love with cooking, it’s so therapeutic, I’ll be having a little dance in the kitchen whilst cooking up a banging Spag Bol? I mean, life is gorgina!! I occasionally find myself on the balcony looking out onto the view saying to myself ‘Wow, so this is where the one decision to take a chance took me…F***ing fantastic.’ I am truly excited for this next chapter in my life, I believe it’s going to prepare me for the next 10 years of adventure. That’s what I want, 10 more years of different countries, success and failure of course. I don’t think I have ever been more ready.

Let’s rewind two years, if Derek had told me he was leaving I can selfishly admit I would have gone into panic mode. Although I think I would have stuck it out, it would have been tough, there have been so many occasions I have felt let down, broken down, demotivated, heart broken in fact. But with the wise words of a sixty something man I got my ass back up and fought even bloody harder than the first time. FACT. From going through a pretty shitty break up to developing management skills, he’s been the man with the plan. He also tells me ‘I never will tell you do to something, I make suggestions, to let you decide, or you will shut off’ Hahaha it could not be truer, I am a total know it all. *shrugs shoulders*

Hello empty apartment, it’s just me and you kid!

Something I have learnt whilst living out here is how important it is to remain busy. From the moment I arrive home my mind is active, whether its cooking dinner, finishing off any work, preparing tomorrows outfit, or working out. All of those steps keep me motivated, happy and at peace most importantly. By the time I’ve finished all of my tasks its 8pm and I’m ready for a shower. After drying my hair (which takes FOREVER) its 9ish and I’m knackered. A few vlogs later I’m asleep. It’s time to smash the following day.

When I first moved here one of my biggest challenges was making friends. I had a boyfriend at the time and in all honesty all my focus was on him and my job. That was completely wrong and knowing what I know now I would never repeat that, friends are so god damn important. Over the last year I’ve made some friends that are bloody amazing and I’m so grateful for. This has helped me come out of my shell even more so than before. There is nothing better than girl’s nights, getting drunk with people that get it? Yep, its fabulous. In fact, I’m going to do it many, many times this up and coming month!! I know that if I ever felt alone or down I could pick up the phone and wiz over to one of their places for a pizza, and truly, that is what friends are for. To get you drunk, feed you pizza and make you smile.

Ask yourself, what do I enjoy doing? What makes me want to get out of bed? For me, I enjoy sitting in different coffee shops, admiring their cake selection whilst having my 3 scrambled eggs on toast with an Iced latte. It’s so important to recognize what brings you happiness. I also love driving my car listening to my favourite music. Especially at night time. Occasionally ill jump in my car, drive over to the Marina, pick up a Strawberry milkshake and dance like no one is watching. It makes me so happy.

On the weekends I love waking up and popping on my all-time favourite TV show  ‘Loose women’ I am truly a number one fan. On a Friday morning I love catching up on the weekday episodes whilst sipping on my Berocca which I have every day without fail (half in the morning, half in the evening. Jojo gave me this idea, thanks Gorgina!) I recently purchased the berry one when I was in the U.K and I’ve gotta tell you, its shit, don’t buy it, stick to the orange.

Visitors, oh I how visitors! I am so excited for October, my Auntie Caz and Uncle Kev are coming to stay. Woop woop, let’s get the wine out and get our walking boots on. It is going to be wonderful, bring it on.

My Mum, Denise Wilson, what a women. You know you’ve got it good when she tells you ‘Just give me 24 hour’s notice and I’ll be there if you ever need me’ I mean how did I get this lucky? She is incredible, and wants to visit me every other month, I told her ‘Hun I will be fine, I’ll be better than fine!’ But she is just being a Mum, and Mums worry so I completely get it. I try to voice clip her as often as possible as hearing someone’s voice is so much more meaningful than a text message. Thank god for Whatsapp!

Switch it off and save some money! Since I am paying bills alone now it’s important that I keep them as low as possible. I make it my mission to use as little electricity, air conditioning and water as physically possible. It takes some time to remember this but once you’re in the swing off it comes naturally. I constantly remind myself, if I save 20 pounds (100 dirhams) I will have an extra 20 pounds to get my nails done or get a massage. It’s the little things that we, as humans become lazy about, but they do make a huge difference at the end of the month. At the beginning of this blog post I mentioned I am my mother, she is the money saving, switch offing queen, that definitely isn’t a word, but I don’t even care hehe. I am you Denise, and I love it. I’ve even made a list of all the things that should be turned off when leaving the apartment, so guests don’t forget and cost me a fortune hahaha yes, I am taking this very seriously.

It’s a new chapter, let’s do it.

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x